Boat City is proud to offer you Trailers
from some of the most established and
reputable manufacturers of boat trailers
in Australasia.

You can be assured of quality when you purchase a trailer built by Voyager, Mudgway, DMW, Mackay or Dunbier as these companies specialise in building marine boat trailers. These brands can be found under New Zealands top boat brands as factory standard including Haines Hunter, Tristram, Buccaneer, Haines Signature, Savage, Kiwi Kraft, Ramco and major Jet Ski brand Yamaha . All of which are available at Boat City with the appropriate trailers.

To meet the growing customised market when ordering a trailer whether it is for your dinghy, jet ski or trailer boat we can customise the trailer to suit your needs with brakes, coloured rollers, powder coating, mags, guide poles, drop axles, sliding drawbars, craddles or a vast number of other options which we would be only too pleased to discuss with you.

Logo of Voyager trailer

Logo of DMW trailer

Logo of Dunbier trailer

Logo of Mackay trailer

Logo of Mudgway trailer

By dealing with these major manufactures you are assured of parts for your trailer either on site or a phone call away.

To find out more details about the correct trailer for you, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch