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Salt-Away is an engine flush for inboard, outboard, I/O and personal watercraft engines, and an exterior salt removing treatment for any surface where salt corrosion and build-up is a problem.

Mixed with water, Salt-Away washes away the salt and if not raised off, leaves a protective film on the surface to prevent rusting and corroding, and protects it against future salt corrosion. It is easy to apply by using Salt-Away's special Mixing Unit for bigger jobs or the ready-to-use spray bottles for smaller jobs.

Items also may be immersed in a mixture of Salt-Away and fresh water and no rusting or corrosion will occur while immersed.


Car, Truck, Boat, Washers, Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Lawns, Foliage

Salt-Away Mixing Unit. Dispenses the Concentrate at a dilution ratio of 512 parts water to 1 part Concentrate. 1 Ltr Concentrate makes 512 Litres salt remove solution.

I have a new boat and it goes without saying that I am very meticulous with the cleaning and maintenance. I have had a lot of trouble removing the salt deposits for both the hull and motor. I was using good quality car cleaning products but the boat and motor was always left with salt residue and smudge marks. Now I know that this is going to sound like an advertising ploy but I promise you I purchased the salt-away and hose adaptor and quite simply hosed the boat and flushed the motor with salt-away. I kid you not the boat and motor were left spotless and looking like new. Absolutely no salt residue remained. Guys and Gals you got to try this stuff. You will be shocked as to how effective it is.

Julie Green

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