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The latest version of the new generation anchors with out the cost?

The Shovel anchor is designed for maximum holding power, the roll aids in anchor setting.
The Shovel anchor is made of high grade steel for maximum tensile strenght.
Its concave fluke design offers great holding power and deep penetration in most if not all sea beds.
The shank has been designed specifically too aid in self launching on most bow sprits.
The shovel has 2 eyes for bouyed retrieval lines and one eye for tandem anchoring.
All this makes the Shovel anchor one of the most versatile anchors on the market.

While it does seem the same as another one there are some key differences. One is the improved fluke design, it has been shaped to push the tip downward and set it up to dive deeper into the seabed to increase the holding power. Another is the rollbar, it is smaller and solid so no internal rusting issues or interference with the setting and resetting. Another is the price, it is inline with other similar items made in the same country.

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